Lightspeed Smart Filter Deployment (iOS)


Need to deploy Lightspeed Smart Filter along with your configurations. FileWave has got you covered in this step-by-step guide to creating the required Profile to deploy to your iOS devices.


Web Content Filter - In creating a Web Content Filter within FileWave Central it changes the UDID and is unsuccessful in deployment. The issue can be resolved by re-creating the Web Content Filter in FileWave Anywhere as a workaround. The issue should be resolved in the next release. See Known Issues


  1. Open FileWave Admin

  2. Select Filesets

  3. Create New Mobile Fileset

  4. Select Profile

  5. Enter the name of the Profile, i.e. Lightspeed Filter

  6. Select Web Content Filter (Supervised Only) payload

  7. Select and enter the following:

    1. Filter Type: Plug-in

    2. Filter Name: Lightspeed Filter

    3. Identifier: com.lightspeedsystems.iosrelayfilter

    4. User Name: or %email%

    5. Filter Webkit Traffic: enable

    6. Filter Socket Traffic: enable

    7. Custom Data:

      • Key: UDID - Type: String - Value: %device_id%

      • Key: customerID - Type: String - Value: your_lightspeed_ID