Lightspeed Smart Agent Deployment (macOS 2023)


Need to deploy Lightspeed Smart Agent along with your configurations. FileWave has got you covered in this step-by-step guide to creating the required Filesets to deploy to your macOS devices. Be sure that you have access to your administrative account on

If you are using the new method with Lightspeed Certificate Manager please review:
Lightspeed Smart Agent Deployment (macOS v2.3.1+ using Certificate Manager)


Web Content Filter - In creating a Web Content Filter within FileWave Central it changes the UDID and is unsuccessful in deployment. The issue can be resolved by re-creating the Web Content Filter in FileWave Anywhere as a workaround. The issue should be resolved in the next release. See Known Issues

Download Lightspeed Relay Filter Agent

  1. Login to your Lightspeed Filter account at

    1. Navigate to Settings > Software

    2. Choose Lightspeed Filter

    3. Select the Mac tab

    4. Select the version of the Relay Filter Agent by clicking on the download icon

    5. Place the downloaded SmartAgent.dmg into your Downloads Folder

Download the macOS deploy script

  1. Download the script, found here:

  2. Place the downloaded script into your Downloads

  3. Unzip the downloaded script

  4. Open Terminal to run the script

    # enter as root
    $ sudo -s
    # nagivate to your Downloads folder
    $ cd ~/Downloads
    # run the script to create three files on the Desktop
    $ ./
  5. Once the script has been executed, it has created three files on your Desktop; ca.cer, and SmartAgent.pkg

Note: Be sure both SmartAgent.dmg and are in the same directory, i.e. Downloads folder for the mac_deploy script to successfully create the deployment files and certificate.

Create the Configuration Profile

  1. Open FileWave Central or FileWave Anywhere

  2. Navigate to Filesets > Select New Desktop Fileset > Click on Profile

  3. Enter the name of the Profile: General > Name: Lightspeed Agent Profile


  4. Select Certificates payload to add your ca.cer certificate