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Mozilla Firefox ESR (Windows winget)


Mozilla Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) is a version of Firefox that is designed for organizations that require a stable and secure browser. It is a long-term support release that receives security updates for more extended periods than regular Firefox releases. This knowledge base article provides a FileWave Fileset that can install Mozilla Firefox ESR on Windows using Microsoft winget.


Organizations that require a secure and stable browser may choose to use Mozilla Firefox ESR. Mozilla Firefox ESR offers extended support for security updates and stability fixes, making it a suitable choice for organizations that prioritize security and stability. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox ESR is customizable and offers various add-ons and extensions, making it suitable for different use cases.

Using Microsoft winget to install Mozilla Firefox ESR offers several advantages. Firstly, winget is a fast and efficient way to install and update applications on Windows. Secondly, winget provides a standardized way of installing applications, which can simplify the deployment of applications in an organization. Thirdly, winget can be used to automate the installation of applications, which can save time and effort.


Simply follow the instructions Getting started with Microsoft winget to setup winget and then used the attached Fileset:

Firefox ESR Fileset
FileWave Download.png

Because Firefox does not support a silent removal using winget this is a good example of how to handle these situations. Below is the removal script that is used for this Fileset.

# Mozilla doesn't support a silent uninstall from winget, so we're hardcoding a silent uninstall, per their documentation

& "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe" /S

exit 0