Office 2019 / Office 365 (Windows)


Need to deploy Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365 onto your Windows machines? We've got you covered! 

Note the Fileset below is based from the Microsoft Article listed here:


This Fileset utilizes scripts to install and uninstall Office. After the Fileset is deployed and activated it can take a few minutes for the Office installation to be completed. When the Office Fileset is removed from the device (by removing the association in FileWave) a script will start that will uninstall Office from the clients.

For Office 365 just substitute Office 365 in place of Office 2019 where it's mentioned below


These directions assume you are creating an Office2019 folder on your local C:\ drive and you name the XML NewConfiguration. If you change the folder location, folder name, or XML name make sure you modify the steps below with your modifications.

C:\Office2019\setup.exe /download C:\Office2019\NewConfiguration.xml 

This is assuming you ran the deployment tool to a folder in the C:\ drive called Office2019 and you also added the xml to the same folder from earlier steps.  This command will download from Microsoft a folder called "Office" with configuration files that you will need to install Office on your clients

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