Windows Software Update Reporting


Starting from FileWave version 14.7+ there is a better overview of updates that should be deployed to the Windows devices managed by FileWave so that you can easier identify possible risks and deploy needed patches. 


Security is more important every day. Knowing the state of security of your endpoints is critical to protecting your environment so this enhancement will help with more detailed reporting around Microsoft patches. The data is collected every 1 hour from devices.  

FileWave uses the Offline CAB method to scan for missing updates and then you will see them as described below. When going to Assistants -> Find Software Updates... in FileWave Central you will only see Security updates listed. In FileWave all of the. Microsoft updates are reported, but only the Security updates are available for one-click Fileset creation. Refer to this article for an easy way to deploy other non-Security updates: Installing Windows Updates that are not able to be automatically packaged


In the Native Admin, there is a new tab in the Client Info window, called "Software Updates"

It is possible to filter at the top of the table by: 

In the Web Admin, there are two new information items in the Software Updates section of Device Info

In the Web Admin when going to the Software Updates tab of a device there is additional filtering and reporting of missing and installed software updates.

In both the Native and Web Admins there are new fields that are usable for reporting on Windows patches.

As shown here KBArticle, MsrcSeverity, Support URL, Category, and Description are the new fields.