TeamViewer: Features Overview by Platform


TeamViewer includes many different functions that make it superior to our earlier toolset (Observe Client) which was limited to Mac and Windows and was screen control only.  The functions in TeamViewer vary by operating system and are quite extensive.  The following is a high-level overview of functionality per platform:

Functional Overview

Feature Windows macOS Android iOS/iPadOS Chrome OS
Screen View Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Control Yes Yes Yes No No*
Unattended Access Yes** Yes** No No No
Video Yes Yes No No No
Audio Yes Yes No Yes No
Text Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes No No No
File Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes No

*TeamViewer QS Add-On supports Screen Control, but TeamViewer does not officially support Remote Control of Chrome OS devices.  We have seen the use of the add-on work in some instances, but has not been reliable.

**Unattended Access requires FileWave 14.7+

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