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To evaluate Google Chromebook management, please contact your FileWave Account Executive to let them know how many Chromebook devices you have so your FileWave server evaluation key can be adjusted to account for them. This is because FileWave can only pull your entire device population and not a partial list of devices from your Google domain.

The following functionality is supported on Chromebooks

  • Inventory, including being able to search for a device search within Google domain structure
  • Track user login history
  • Location tracking
  • Engage classroom management application for teachers

First you’ll need to configure Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) so FileWave can send push notifications to your Chromebook devices.

    Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Setup

Next you’ll need to set up FileWave for Chromebook support by 1) obtaining an authentication token from Google so your FileWave server can sync with your Google domain and 2) deploying the FileWave server certificate and FileWave Chromebook extension to managed Chromebooks through the Google Admin console.

    Quick Start Guide for Chromebooks

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