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The Document mobile fileset type lets you deploy documents directly to iBooks on managed iOS devices. This fileset type accepts PDF, ePub, and iBooks formatted items. They are delivered to the iBooks library as a managed document, which means they can also be revoked at a later time by removing the association used to deploy them. Note that iBooks formatted .ibooks files created with iBooks Author can only be deployed to iPads and not iPhones.

  1. In the Filesets section of the FileWave Admin console, click New Mobile Fileset in the toolbar, and pick Document (iOS 8+).
  2. Choose Import a local file, click Browse, and select the PDF, ePub, or iBooks file.
  3. Enter a Title and optionally a Version and Author.
  4. Click Import to finish adding the document file.
  5. Go to the Associations section, drag the document fileset from the Fileset pane onto the computer or computer group in the Clients pane.
  6. In the Associations pane at the bottom, double-click the association if you want to set the timing or enable Kiosk mode for the association.

Your deployed document should appear in My Books > All Books in the iBooks mobile app on iOS devices.

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