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Please visit the updated Evaluation Guides here. This space will be archived March 31, 2021.

Welcome and thank you for choosing FileWave. Our patented, cross-platform fileset technology lets you easily manage all of your Windows, macOS, iOS, Chromebook and Android devices from a single pane of glass using a single unified console on the platform of your choice. All FileWave components including the server, admin console, and clients can be mixed and matched from either platform. Whether you prefer to manage from a Mac or Windows admin console, we've got you covered. Native Linux installation packages and OVA/VHD virtual appliance options are also available for the FileWave server.

This guide is by no means comprehensive but is meant to help you get up and running with FileWave client and mobile device management in the shortest possible amount of time. Its purpose is to enable you to adequately evaluate FileWave in your network environment so you can determine if it is the right solution for your organization. For assistance with some of the more advanced and subtle FileWave features beyond what is provided here please consult the FileWave Administration Manual.

Free online self-paced training is also available at the FileWave Foundry training academy for your two named support contacts. It is video based and goes into further details on many of subjects in this evaluation guide. This evaluation guide provides detailed steps on how to stand up FileWave and test features that may be of interest in the shortest amount of time without necessarily providing background information for those features. The FileWave 101 and 201 courses provides missing background information and explains the details of why you're performing those steps and provides use cases and sample scenarios to help you better understand FileWave.  The online video course may also work better for you if you tend to absorb information better by watching rather than reading. To get access to the FileWave Foundry courses please contact your FileWave SE so they can request access for your login.

Please note that this guide is divided into two sections, one for client management and another for mobile device management. For convenience you may skip to either the Client Management Eval Guide or the Mobile Device Management Eval Guide if you only have one of these device types. Some of the materials are duplicated in both sections but tailored towards the device platform for that guide.

To search the evaluation guides, enter your search string into the search field in the top right of the page.

To narrow your search to just the evaluation guides click the IN SPACE field on the left and pick "Evaluation Guides".

Before proceeding with your evaluation it's a good idea to consider what you're trying to achieve with FileWave and come up with a list of requirements, such as the example below. Yours may contain some of the same items or be completely different. Then add a checklist of possible features relating to these goals that you can mark off if FileWave is able to accomplish them for your organization. How detailed your list is is up to you since it's merely a tool to help manage your evaluation and confirm whether FileWave is the right solution for managing your enterprise's devices.

Sample checklist for computers

  • Support users on LAN and over internet
    • Deploy mandatory software and maintenance scripts
    • Let users install optional apps and maintenance items on-demand via self-service
    • Patch OS
    • Provide remote screensharing assistance
    • Track and possibly protect data on laptops, regardless of location
    • View last known location
    • Remote wipe devices

Sample checklist for mobile devices

  • Support mobile devices on LAN and over internet
    • Deploy mobile apps silently
    • Configure and secure device, ensuring that that it remains under management at all times
    • Deploy media
    • Enable teachers via a classroom app
  • Track and possibly protect data on mobile devices regardless of location
    • View last known location
    • Remote wipe devices

It's a good idea to plan for and set aside time to consistently evaluate and test FileWave, even if it's only an hour or two every other day. Pick a time when you are least likely to be busy or interrupted. We realize that most customers are busy and testing FileWave is most likely not a normal part of your everyday job. Repeated consistent use of the product will help you get used to the UI and remember how to accomplish tasks. The faster you finish evaluating FileWave the faster it can help you save time and make your life easier when it comes to managing your devices. Even if you decide that FileWave is not the product for you, finishing up the evaluation in a timely manner lets you to move onto another product so that you can find the right solution that best fits your organization's needs.

Before starting please note the following conventions in the documentation that follows.

  • Some of the screenshots provided include numbers in them. These numbers do not correspond to the numbers of the steps outlined. They are there simply to show you the relative order in which you should access those elements outlined in the instructions. 
  • Labels for menu items fields, window titles, buttons, etc. will be italicized. File names and paths will also be italicized.
  • Text displayed for a column or input field are surrounded by double quotes.

If you find any problems or errors please report them here.

If you have any questions or problems with the material presented here during the course of your evaluation or need assistance with an advanced feature not discussed here, please reach out to your assigned FileWave SE for assistance. During the course of your evaluation please contact your SE for any support issues or questions. Please do NOT contact FileWave Technical Support directly. If your SE is not able to resolve the issue, they will open a support case with FileWave Support on your behalf. If you do not know who your assigned FileWave SE is, please check with your FileWave Account Executive.

Thank you and good luck on your FileWave evaluation.

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