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It's time to update your Windows FileWave server to the latest version.
In the Windows OS, the user who runs an install has ownership of the files, including database files. If a different admin user attempts to update the FileWave server, some of these old files are still owned by the previous admin.

For example:

  1. "Jackie", is the currently logged in domain admin on ""
  2. "Jackie", installs version 8.1.5 of FileWave as herself
  3. FileWave version 8.5 is released, and the user "Jackie" has since had her network account disabled. 
  4. "Jim" uses his domain admin account and logs into "", then downloads the FileWave 8.5 zip and starts to install
  5. "Jim" sees an install log error similar to:
    role "Jackie" doesn't exist

This will fail to properly update all of the files, even if Jackie and Jim are both admins of the highest level. 
(Also note: The database owner is also case sensitive, so it will also fail if a user changed their name from Administrator to administrator)


FileWave Upgrades

FileWave Server


One way to prevent this issue is to always use the local admin account of the machine.
In some environments, this is not possible or is against security policy.

For these situations FileWave has created the below script that will find who the previous admin was and change the ownership to whoever just ran the script.

What do I do if I already attempted to update with a different user and now FileWave is no longer running?

  1. Run the installer for the version you used to be on
  2. Run the VB script from below
  3. Run the new installer

From the above example Jim should run the 8.1.5 installers for mdm, then run the script, then run the 8.5 installers again.

Run this script before updating your Windows server: