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These are the FileWave Automated tools. We provide these scripts and automation tools to our customers to help them in their systems.

Tools Selection

Log Viewer -

The Log Viewer (LV) is a zip file that when downloaded and open can be used to comb logs to find issues and conflicts.

 Port Tester -

The Port Tester (PT) is a utility to help verify that all the needed firewall ports are open. This tests both the server being able to get out and devices getting in. See the Default TCP and UDP Port Usage for the ports needed.

 Team Viewer  -

The Team Viewer (TV) Quick Support agent is a customized Team Viewer client. Download this client, launch it, and let support know the ID and Password it provides to allow them to remotely connect to your server and assist you.

Debug Uploader Tool  -

The Debug Uploader Tool (UT) is a utility that runs on the server that will collect the debug information and securly upload it to support.

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