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Follow this guide to deploy Google Play apps to you EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) enrolled Android devices.

At this time, Google Android Management does not support the deployment of paid Play Store Apps.

Creating the Fileset

  1. From the Filesets view
  2. Select "New Mobile Fileset"
  3. Select "Play Store"
  4. Search for the app you want to deploy (figure 1.2)
  5. Click on the app and then press "Select" (figure 1.3)

FileWave will make the fileset in the background and leave the window open so you can keep searching for additional apps

6. Now associate the app to devices.

See: Using Associations with Filesets for steps on creating associations

If you have a Fileset Group selected before clicking the "New Mobile Fileset" button, any filesets you create will be placed into that Fileset Group by default.

Figure 1.1 - Steps 1-3

Figure 1.2 - Search for the app

Figure 1.3 - Select the app

Figure 1.4 - App added