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QuickStart Guide

For Linux and iOS

The following steps will help you get your iOS devices enrolled and communicating with your FileWave Server. Please note: This document assumes that you have installed and set up your FileWave Server and Admin (see QuickStart Guide). Please note: This guide is not meant to be a replacement for either the FileWave Manual or proper training.

FileWave Server Preparation
1. With the FileWave Server running, we want to make some generic accounts for enrolling iOS devices with the URL web enrollment (OTA) and the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with Apple. 
To use LDAP credentials follow the instructions on this page: 
From the server, open a command prompt and type: 
OTA: sudo fwcontrol mdm adduser [name] 
DEP: sudo fwcontrol mdm adddepuser [name] 

a. Where [name] is the name of the account. 
b. Enter your admin credentials. 
c. Enter a password for this account. 

Certificate Generation

The FileWave MDM Server requires two certificates - one to send push commands to Apple Inc. and another for iOS devices to communicate securely with the MDM Server.

For these steps please see the respective iOS Quick Start Guide document for your environment:

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