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Apple DEP account tokens will have a one year lifespan; therefore, before the token expires, it is best practice to renew that token. 

Step-by-step guide

1) Download the DEP Certificate from FileWave Admin → Preferences → VPP & DEP tab.

2) Save the certificate "FileWave DEP" to your desktop.

3) Go to the relevant Apple DEP site:

4) Upload your server certificate to Apple.

This varies slightly between DEP and ABM/ASM.

From DEP, you will replace the Key in the Apple DEP instance of your FileWave server with certificate downloaded in Step 1. 

To locate the equivalent button in ABM/ASM, navigate to: 'Settings' → <select your MDM server from the list> → 'Edit' → 'Upload New'

5) Download the new DEP token that is generated after the "FileWave DEP" certificate is uploaded by selecting "Download Server Token".

6) In the FileWave admin console, go to Preferences → VPP & DEP → "Configure Accounts" → select the DEP token that is expiring → select "Upload New Access Token"  and find the file you just downloaded in Step 5

7) After the token is uploaded, run a full DEP sync by holding down the option/alt key and pressing "Synchronize (full sync)".