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FileWave's TeamViewer integration requires endpoint pre-requisites on each supported platform.  In future versions we may embed some of these pre-requisites, but at this time we erred on the side of letting you control the elements.  So, slightly more work, but much greater control.


We'll need to meet pre-requisites for macOS client devices for TeamViewer to work seamlessly.  We'll need the:

  • FileWave client to be upgraded to at least 14.6
  • And we'll most likely want to pre-deploy the TeamViewer application as well  
  • Finally, we'll want to deploy a profile to pre-accept that TeamViewer can interact with the device screen (similar to Observe Client and other screen viewing tools).


The most recent FileWave client is always included on the FileWave download pages, which you can find here:

Remember to always use the client updater fileset to update your clients.  Do NOT push the FileWave client PKG to upgrade macOS clients.

The TeamViewer application for macOS can be found here: (It is just a pkg in a dmg file, so a very simple fileset/payload to create)

Alternatively, the user can accept the download when prompted by the session and install manually. (but pre-deploying makes the experience much more seamless and avoids issues with administrative rights, etc.)

The following additional Fileset pre-accepts the Teamviewer EULA as well as providing Privacy Access rights for Accessibility and Full Admin Access:

↓ macOS