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Script for remotely changing a users icon.

This Fileset Recipe only works on macOS 10.11 and below.


  • FW Admin
  • A jpg Image


  1. Create a new empty fileset (From the Fileset View : New Desktop Fileset > Empty : Type a Name > OK)
  2. With it selected: Click the Scripts item in the button bar
  3. Create a new activation script and name it.
  4. Paste the script below and edit 

    # script, must be run as root
    # 2013 Jul 24 ben @ filewave
    # 2017 Feb 7 Tony Wheeler
    exec 1>>/var/log/fwcld.log
    exec 2>>/var/log/fwcld.log
    echo "Changin User Picture"
    dscl . delete "/Users/INSERT_NAME" jpegphoto
    dscl . -append "/Users/INSERT_NAME" Picture "/usr/local/etc/scripts/user.jpg"
  5. Where INSERT_NAME is the short name of a users.
    User Name

    Spaces are not supported

  6. Also include in the fileset an icon at the path /usr/local/etc/scripts/user.jpg


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