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OS X and Windows Booster install

Basic Booster installers are included with the FileWave downloads. You run the installer from pkg/msi within the installer set.
The OS X and Windows versions look about the same at install; but the Windows installer allows more features
You can repair a Booster's settings and delete the Booster from within the Windows installer.

  1. Download the newest version from the FileWave Management Suite pages
  2. Scroll down to macOS or Windows and select the installers
  3. Once downloaded and uncompressed, run the booster installer, hitting yes and agree to the license

For both platforms, once you have installed the Booster, you will use the Booster Monitor to set and edit the preferences for that Booster. Booster Monitor is installed into /Applications/FileWave/.
The FileWave Booster executable resides in one of these platform-dependent locations:


Download the latest FileWave binaries for Linux on the following Website:
FileWave Management Suite

  1. To download the newest binaries, click on the newest version of FileWave, then scroll down until you see Linux installers.
  2. Download the Linux Installers.
  3. Copy the Zip file directly to your Linux Server inside the root folder /root/
  4. Login with SSH to your Linux Server (on Windows you will need an ssh application, on OS X use Terminal), and login as root
  5. Unzip the file with the following commands:

Your Booster is now installed

Install Locations

Windows: C:\Program Files\FileWave\fwBooster.exe
macOS, Linux: /usr/local/sbin/fwBooster

Approving Boosters

If your FileWave is version 13.1.0 or greater there are extra certificates and security in place and Booster may need to be approved

See: What is Compatibility Mode? for more information

There are four ways to generate a certificate for a booster.

  1. Select booster(s) in the Booster view → right-click → Create Certificate
  2. Select booster(s) in the Booster view → Create Certificate (in the button bar)
  3. Select booster(s) in the Booster Details → right-click → Create Certificate
  4. Select booster(s) in the Booster Details → Create Certificate (in the button bar)

When you delete a booster the server revokes that boosters certificate. Meaning it may show up again but require the certificate approved again.

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