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To be able to NetBoot Macs you need to provide a Network Boot Image (NBI) across the network to our macOS clients. This NBI is created using an automated NBI creation script from the IVS that can be downloaded via the FileWave Admin. Install the FileWave Admin app on a macOS client machine running a version of macOS that you can use to boot all of your Macs that will be NetBooted. The NBI will be created from the recovery partition of the machine from which the NBI creation script is run. If the script fails, check that your Mac you're running the script for on has a recovery partition. If not then consider running the NBI creation script from another Mac that does have a recovery partition. If you have multiple IVS's with each serving a different subnet, you'll need to download and run the NBI creation script multiple times, once for each IVS, as its address is embedded in the NBI.