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In eIn some situations, you may want to explicitly clear and revoke a client certificate without deleting the client from FileWave, for instance if you are wiping a macOS client or reinstalling an IVS client.


A Dict of list of serials for: SUCCESS, NOT_FOUND and ERROR is returned.

Potential log entries

Code Block
2019-06-12 11:17:26.750|main|FATAL|CLIENT|Failed to send enrollment request (and CSR): error 500 
2019-06-12 11:17:26.750|main|INFO|CLIENT|Falling back to no certificate.
Code Block
2019-06-12 7:12:02.481|main|FATAL|CLIENT|Unable to retrieve the contents of the cached custom field values: Error decrypting data
2019-06-12 7:12:02.833|main|INFO|CLIENT|CRL updated
2019-06-12 7:12:02.834|main|INFO|CLIENT|No certificate private key yet. Sending a certificate signing request to server
2019-06-12 7:12:03.235|main|FATAL|CLIENT|Failed to send enrollment request (and CSR): error 400 a CSR for this client was already sent.
2019-06-12 7:12:03.235|main|INFO|CLIENT|Falling back to no certificate.