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  • Different States of Tracking
    • Normal - Tracking is enabled and will update the location at different intervals
    • Missing - Tacking Tracking is enabled and will be update updated around every two minutes. The client also sends the location immediately and does not wait for other scans to finish. For supervised iOS devices this option puts the device in Lost mode, has a message/footnote that can set in the FileWave Preferences under the Organization Info tab, and locks the iOS device. The device will become usable again once the missing mode is switched off. 
    • Not Tracked (DEFAULT)- No location is gathered at anytimeany time.
  • The FileWave IPA App Portal needs to be sent out and opened at least once before you will be prompted and allowed to gather location from the iOS device. Once it is sent out, the old FileWave App Portal that gets installed automatically with enrollment will be removed and the new one will be installed.
  • For any updated location from your iOS devices the FileWave App Portal need to be open, whether that be in the background or the current active app.


  1. Check your server license to be sure you have "Allows collection of personal data:" set to Yes.
  2. Make sure location services is enabled.

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  3. Prepare the clients

    1. MacOS and Windows - Be sure that "Disable Personal Data Collection" option in the client preferences of your clients is not checked.


      You can set the "Disable personal data collection" one at a time with Client Monitor or Create a Superprefs (Creating a Superprefs Fileset) to change them in bulk.

    2. iOS - Make sure the same version of your server is also the Enterprise version of the FileWave App Portal .ipa has been sent out to all your

      iOS devices: Can be downloaded from the FileWave Server download page near the bottom

    3. Chromebook -  Be sure the Chrome Extension is installed and configured (See Quick Start Guide for Chromebooks)

    1. Android (EMM)

      1. Force enable location tracking server side


        By force enabling EMM tracking you are ignoring "Allows collection of personal data" in your license. Even is the license is set to false, this will collect data.

        1. Edit

          Code Block

        2. add 

          Code Block

        3. Restart apache 

          Code Block
          /usr/local/filewave/apache/bin/apachectl restart

        4. Update Model
      2. Force enable location services on devices (See: Force Location for EMM Android Devices)
  4. Change the state to Normal
    1. Right click on your macOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Android device(s)

      For multiple devices use the filter options at the top of the client view, then select all

    2. Select Normal from the "Client State" option. 

  5. Update the model

  6. Accept any device prompts

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    iOSmacOSWindowsAndroid (EMM may not prompt)

  7. Wait a few minutes, can potentially take up to 15 minutes. Then simply right click on your device(s) and select the Show Location(s) option to see the map below. This will be accurate within a few hundred feet for most devices.