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    1. You're now ready to connect the iPad to your Mac with a lighting cable and launch AC
    2. When you see the device in the Connect Device pane, left-click the device and hit the Prepare button at the top, with the gear icon.

    3. Select the Manual option from the drop-down menu and hit Next.


    4. You will then be at the "Enroll in MDM Server" screen, use the drop down menu to select the server you created in step 4


    5. On the next screen, choose whether to supervise your device. Supervision determines the amount of control you have over your device in FileWave. if you decide to stat supervising the device later, the device will first have to be wiped.


    6. On the Assign to Organization screen, pick the organization you created in Step 2


  1. You Your final task in AC2 is to configure the iOS setup screen. This will allow you to skip certain steps during the configuration on the Hello screen. Note: If you're planning to use the location-tracking feature in FileWave, you'll want to enable Location Services during setup.


  2. Hit Prepare to start the configuration. If you've already prepared the device, you'll be prompted to hit Restore or Stop. You must hit Restore to allow AC2 to finish the process as follows:
    1. Downloading iOS
    2. Unzipping iOS
    3. Installing iOS
    4.Downloading activation record for the iPad

    Note: If you get the AC2 error "This operation couldn't be completed. (NSCocoaErrorDomain - 0x64 91000))," hit Stop and try to prepare the device again. The preparation will go more quickly this time, taking only two steps.

  3. The iOS device will now be at the Hello screen. Hit Next and enter the Wi-Fi.
  4. Next, go through the setup options (such as Location Service) that you previously set up to enable or skip.

  5. Prompted now will be "your organization can automatically configure your iOS device". You'll be asked to apply or skip the configuration.

  6. After you hit Apple Configuration, you'll be prompted for a user name and password. This needs to be created on your FileWave server. To create a new user, use the following command on your FileWave Management Server, where [username] is the name you would like to use:

    fwcontrol mdm adddeuser [username]

    Then submit a password for the new user.

  7. After you accept the Terms and Conditions from Apple, hit Get Stated. The iOS device will be at the home screen.
  8. If you don't have auto-enrollment set up in FileWave (located in the Enrolled Mobile Devices section), go into the Admin to bring the device into the system.