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For servers that have been designed to be only accessible internally, another option can be to provide Firewall rules, to allow devices to be managed when they are offsite, where a VPN is not in place.  This relies on having an externally available server, such that devices can check-in, receive updates, etc.  Since devices can only be configured to communicate with one server, the external name could be set to match internally and externally (Split Horizon DNS).  However if the configuration is for an internal domain name, that may not be used externally, this will add to the complexity and additional changes will be required.  Please the KB on port requirements.


Many updates, be that for the OS, Applications or otherwise, can be very large.  Many users may not have adequate bandwidth to cope with this.  Any pre-planning that can take place before devices leave the building would be beneficial.  By the use of Fileset Association options, additional software could be pre-downloaded, which may not be required today, but if later is required, may then just have the state changed from downloaded to activated, reducing bandwidth requirements.