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In light of the recent Covid-19 virus, below are some considerations, some of which may still be actioned now, but , as preferable as it is that this would never happen again, some are for planning for future (hopefully non-existent) events.


Certain aspects of this situation have led to working methods that were not perviously previously considered necessary in some environments, the .  The biggest for some will be the idea of working from home and this may be a large challenge.  Being Being prepared though with a plan of action, should help streamline this effort.


There are many considerations, some of which may already be too late to action, however many may still be put in place depending upon your current countries country's situation.

The allowance of working from home provides various challenges, which include:


Options for consideration could include:


VPN is a great way to provide users an experience as if they were in the office, despite being offsite.  This could allow for all of the above features, management, access to network shares, internal resources, etc.