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This recipe shows you the steps you need to follow to make a Sophos Anti-Virus Fileset.  Details may be found from the following links:


  • FW Admin
  • Sophos Installers



  1. Login to Sophos Central Admin.
  2. Navigate to Protect Devices then choose one of the following options: 
    • Download Complete macOS Installer
    • Choose Components (this option is available if licensed for multiple features)
  3. The is then downloaded and is by default saved on the Downloads folder.
  4. Extract its contents to the same folder. The following should then be found where the files are extracted to:
    • Sophos Installer Components folder
    • Sophos
    These files must be in the same location because theSophos requires the Sophos Installer Components folder to be in the same location when it runs.

Type sudo-s and authenticate then copy and paste this command into a text editor like TextWrangler, edit the information so its pointing to your server and your username/password combination:

./CreateOnAccessPreconfig -AutoLaunch "YES" -InArchives "NO" && sudo ./CreateUpdatePreconfig -PrimaryServerType 1 -PrimaryServerUserName SophosSvcAccount -PrimaryServerPassword \!4m31337 -PrimaryServerURL -SecondaryServerType 0 -SecondaryServerUserName username -SecondaryServerPassword 2099wh00p33
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Provide executable permissions to the following files before running the installer. This can be done with the following commands:
sudo chmod a+x /Users/<username>/Downloads/Sophos\\ Installer
sudo chmod a+x /Users/<username>/Downloads/Sophos\

Run the command below to install:
sudo /Users/<username>/Downloads/Sophos\\ Installer --install
This command assumes that the Downloads folder contains the extracted files stated on the previous step.

Once you run this Sophos will hash out the username/passwords and everything else, and your package will be ready to be deployed.

In order to deploy it, you need to copy the script below to a text file and name it. Mine is named