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titleWindows Server Upgrade (Version 13 and older)

3.3 Windows Server Upgrade (No longer compatible with FileWave Server 14+)

Upgrading your windows server is as easy as running an installer on your server and does not involve uninstalling any software beforehand. 

  1. Log in to your FileWave server with your Local Admin account. It is important to login as the Local Admin on the server and not as a Domain Admin account as there can be issues with Database permissions on the server if you try to use a Domain Admin account to upgrade FileWave. 
  2. On your FileWave Windows server go to the FileWave website → Support → Software Downloads → FileWave Management Suite → select "Release notes and Download". (You will select the newest release of FileWave that you are upgrading to and not necessarily 12.3) FileWave Management Suite Downloads Page
  3. You will then scroll down on the page until you see "Windows Installers" and select it. This will download a folder of Windows installers on your Server. 
  4. Find the folder that was just downloaded and open in Window Explorer.  You will find 4 installers in the folder but only need to pay attention to the "FileWaveServer" installer. Double click to run the installer application and follow along the installer. 
  5. Command prompt will open a few times which is normal and can take a few mins to complete. When it completes you will be presented with the below window. If you see any errors please contact our support team immediately and they will assist you with it. 
  6. You are now done upgrading the server and will then move to upgrading your FileWave admin.