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Comment: Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin



Full list of ports: Default TCP and UDP Port Usage

Install versus Upgrade

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Before attempting to do any updated with FileWave, point your browser to our support site's software download page ([{+}|]) and check for special instructions.
You must be at version 10 of the FileWave Server before you can upgrade to v11.  As long as you are running FileWave Server version 7.x or higher, you can upgrade your existing server to v10, then run the Migration Checker script (available here:  [{+}|]).  This script will verify your ability to migrate your system to the new all PostgreSQL database used in FileWave v11.  The results will be emailed to the address you provide at the end of the command, and will come from  The email subject will be either \[FAIL\] Upgrade check report or \[PASS\] Upgrade check report depending on what the script has discovered.  If your FileWave v10 Server passes, you can upgrade to v11 without issue; if it fails, contact FileWave Support who will get the issues resolved and get you p-upgraded to v11.
It is recommended that you do a backup of your server first before proceeding (see below).  If you were running beta versions of the server, you should move your Data folder to another drive and erase all FileWave parts before install.

Upgrading your FileWave server (Best Practice)