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titleFileWave Supported Version

Although FileWave 13 has initial support for Privacy Payloads, approval for the FileWave Client to access services in macOS 10.15 relies upon FileWave 13.2.2 or higher.

titleBundleID or Path

When building TCC Privacy Payloads there are two choices:

  • BundleID
  • Path

Items within bundles (.app or .bundle), must refer to the bundle and not the path.  Otherwise, 'Path' should be selected.


  1. Create a New Profile Fileset
  2. Choose Payload
  3. Select 'Privacy & Security' in the sidebar
  4. Select the Privacy tab
  5. Provide either the App Path or Bundle ID as required and click on the '+'

  6. Choose the necessary Service type
  7. Add the Code Requirement

    titleCode Required

    To obtain the required code, as shown in the window the displayed 'codesign' command will need to be run, pointing to the path of either the binary or Application. See below.

  8. Set other settings appropriately.
  9. Save, Associate and Update Model