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The FlleWave Companion is available again in the Play Store and FileWave 14.5.1 should has addressed this.

If the version of FileWave is below 14.5.1 and the temporary workaround was used, then to disable the temporary configuration re-edit the file adding the following:

Code Block

Once saved, run the following commands:

Code Block
/usr/local/filewave/python/bin/python /usr/local/filewave/django/manage.pyc emm_fix_default_policy
/usr/local/filewave/python/bin/python /usr/local/filewave/django/manage.pyc emm_sync_now

Temporary Workaround - No longer required

The below is no longer required, but has been left to help identify setups that were adapted.

In early May 2021, one of the APIs used in FileWave EMM Companion Application was deprecated by Google.  This change was initially announced for end-of August, but was enacted early, and subsequently caused the FileWave Companion app to be removed from the Play Store.