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Windows MDM functionality was added to 14.5+ of FileWave and it can be used to connect a new Windows device to MDM at installation timeAutoPilot is the Microsoft program that allows you to tie your devices into your organization for easy onboarding enrollment, and easy "re-imaging" by leveraging this process.


-party MDM servers like FileWave 14.5+ can manage Windows 10 by using the MDM protocol. The built-in management client is able to communicate with a third-party server proxy that supports the protocols to perform enterprise management tasks. The third-party server will have the same consistent first-party user experience for enrollment, which also provides simplicity for Windows 10 users. Autopilot allows devices to enroll to an MDM as part of Windows setupConfiguration of AutoPilot is very similar to what you may be familiar with if you manage Apple devices through DEP.  We'll need to get our devices into AutoPilot, as well as create enrollment rules through an AutoPilot profile.  Detailed steps follow below.


Getting the hardware hash to add to Autopilot