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(Step 21) - The last piece of the puzzle is setting up Filewave to talk to Google. Navigate to replacing the address with your FileWave server. Login as fwadmin to be sure you will have proper permissions to make the next changes.

Click on the Settings gear icon at the top of the page.

(Step 22) - Edit the Terms & Conditions to have appropriate text for your organization. This text is displayed when using an IdP to enroll devices. 

(Step 23) - Click Setup Google or if you already have another IdP setup then click New Identity Provider on the top right because this screen will look different.

(Step 24) - This is where everything comes together. 

The Name is whatever you want to call this connection.

Select if you want to use this for enrollment or for adding administrators or both.

Insert the Client ID and Secret that you saved from step 6. (Not the Client ID from later on)

The Domain is your domain.

The Service Account was the user you granted access to the project in step 20.

The Service Key is the contents of the JSON file you downloaded in step 14.

Click Create once you have entered all of this information.

Enable Admin SDK API for your Firebase Project(Only needed if you haven't already setup Chromebooks in Filewave)


(Step 25) - Now we need to enable the Admin SDK API for your project. 

Navigate to<project-number>

Fill in <project-number> is from Firebase/Project settings/General/Project number

If you are unsure what this is you can find it via logging into > click your Firebase Project > Click the gear icon at the top left to the right of "Project Overview" > Project Settings 

(Step 26) Copy the Project number and add that to the link.


(Step 27) Click the Enable button