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  1. Navigate to the appropriate Apple account, e.g ASM:

  2. Select settings at the bottom of the left hand panel

  3. Choosing "Apps and Books" will list all VPP tokens in the bottom right.  Select the appropriate token to Download as highlighted:

  4. Log into the FileWave Admin console and from Preferences > VPP & DEP select "Configure tokens" and enter the 'fwadmin' password:

  5. From the "Edit VPP service tokens" window double clicking the appropriate token will open the "VPP server token" showing current VPP token details:

  6. Use the 'Import' feature to select the downloaded token from Step 3. Email is not required, but may be a good idea where multiple tokens are configured:

  7. Note: You may also see this pop-up
    Image Added

                 This is just a warning to let you know how many filesets a token is associated with. This is not an error, please click yes to continue.

  1. On saving, a prompt will appear indicating it may take a while for synchronisationsynchronization.  This window will automatically close at completion.

  2. During any synchronisation, an additional prompt may appear if there are new VPP App licences that do not yet have Filesets.  Allow creation if desired.