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titleLocation Tracking Permissions

If you're wanting to use Location Tracking, you will need to "Allow sites to detect Users' geolocation" in Google Admin. You will find this option in Devices > Chrome > Managed browsers Settings, on the page that loads it will be under Security > Geolocation. For this setting, you want to ensure that you set it at the level in the organization that it should apply to. In the image below we only enabled it for Foundry Chromebooks but did not set it for all. If you would like to enable Geolocation for all devices then make sure you set it at the domain level and also make sure that none of your OUs are set to ignore inheritance of this setting. Simply check the setting on each OU and you will see what it is set to. 

Just like with the Extensions, it is important that the OUs that you enable this on either be all of them, or at a minimum you need to enable it for both the User and Device OUs that you will be using with FileWave.