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  1. In FileWave Admin open the Preferences

  2. Go to the Google/Chromebooks tab
  3. Click Export Policy for Extension and save the file

  4. Open the Google Admin Console
  5. Click Devices
  6. On the left sidebar, click Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers
  7. In the list, find the FileWave Inventory extension and click it on it
  8. Scroll down to Policy for extension
  9. Paste in the contents of the JSON you downloaded in step 3 of this




    If you want to change the frequency of check in, you can modify the following attribute in the json to reflect check-in frequency (in minutes).  The default is 1440, or once per day.

    Code Block
        "UpdateIntervalInMinutes": {
            "Value": 1440

  10. Save your changes above
  11. At his point you will want to consider the Installation policy for the FileWave extensions. You will either want to Force install or to Force install + pin to browser toolbar to ensure the extensions are active. If you have several Organizational Units you may want to consider if you are going to set this at the domain level and if all the OUs will inherit the setting.

    It is important that the OUs that you enable this on either be all of them or at a minimum you need to enable it for both the User and Device OUs that you will be using with FileWave.