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  1. Go to the below address to start the process:,calendar,classroom,drive,,gmail,groupssettings,licensing,plus,contacts
  2. Once there, keep the selection "Create a project" and select Continue (we'll rename the project later)

  3. Agree to terms and select your Country of Residence – Agree and Continue

  4. Click Go to credentials 


  5. Now we'll edit the project name before making the credentials, click the hamburger icon on the top right corner and choose Project Settings

  6. Rename your new project and Save

  7. Now a service account has to be created, click the hamburger icon in the top left corner and select Credentials under APIs & Services

  8. Select Create Credentials > Help Me Choose at the top of the page

  9. Fill out the form as seen below:
    Which API are you using? > Admin SDK
    What data will you be accessing? Application data
    Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Compute Engine? > No, I'm not using them
    Click NEXT to continue

  10. Click What credentials do I need?
  11. Enter a name for the service account. Remember this name for later
    Click CREATE to continue

  12. For the role make it Owner which is in the sub menu Project
    Click CONTINUE to move on

  13. On the Grant users access to this service account just click DONE to continue and you will return to the Credentials screen that now shows the Service Account
  14. Click Manage Service accounts
  15. Click the hamburger on the right side of the Service Account and then click Manage keys

  16. Click ADD KEY > Create new key here to create the JSON file that will be used by the FileWave server
  17. Click CREATE to create the file and then save the file when prompted
  18. You will now have the needed JSON file that will be used later

Enable Google Apps Domain-wide delegation


Authorize API scopes

  1. From the top left hamburger go to the Credentials section under APIs & Services
  2. Once there copy the Client ID you created in the earlier steps under the OAuth 2.0 client ID section.

  3. In your browser, open another tab and go to the Google Admin console

  4. Once there select Security

  5. Scroll down and select API Controls 
  6. Click Manage Domain Wide Delegation
  7. Select Add new
  8. Paste the copied Client ID from step 2 in this section into the Client Name field
  9. Copy and paste the following into the One or More API Scopes field all at once then hit Authorize

    Code Block,,

  10. After you Authorize you should see the new entry below (your Client ID will be different)