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What are device locks?

What is the difference between "Lock" and "Lock Devices"

As of 13.1.0 the locking behavior is the same for macOS, Windows, iOS, and non-EMM Android.


A) Lock / Unlock

Lock - Locking a client binds that client to the current model number. Meaning that if something unexpected should happen during a migration or update, a connecting client ignores any new manifests from the server (see: Upgrading your FileWave Server).

Unlock - Allows a device to be updated to the latest model.

B) Lock Device

Lock the actual screen of the device. The user will be unable to use the device till a passcode (if present) is entered.


When you lock a device the kiosk will not be available to the user. It will open, but display a message to the user they they are blocked.

Locked device shows a lock icon or text in the client view, device info, and client monitor: