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Everyone who uses FileWave appreciates learning more about it, but attending training is hard - we get it!  Sometimes the timing or the location of the training won’t work, sometimes the budget won’t allow for it, but more often than not the lack of TIME prevents IT staff from joining us in the classroom.
Enter the FileWave Foundry: Where great FileWave minds are forged!
The FileWave Foundry is an online training and certification platform created by the FileWave team that gives access to learning materials on all things FileWave. This material is available 24x7, from any location, compatible with any device, and allows you to train at your own pace!
The Foundry’s learning materials (30 hours and counting!) are comprised of 3 levels of training content:

  • 101 Level Material is available to all Alliance members. This material is primarily introductory in origin and gives a high-level overview of how FileWave works, along with a walkthrough of a basic FileWave server installation.
  • 201 Level Material is complimentary to any active FileWave customer's named contacts (those who can submit tickets on, and available by subscription* for all others. This material is everything that a day to day FileWave administrator would want to know and is comprised of lecture, examples, best practices, and video walk-throughs.
  • 301 Level Material is available by subscription* only, and is made up of some seriously deep content like expert troubleshooting and API work, and is intended primarily for partners and internal staff (301 level materials are currently under construction).

If just learning about FileWave isn’t enough, and you’d like to become a FileWave Certified Administrator (FCA), then the Foundry has you covered for that as well! Of course, we’ll continue to hold in-person FileWave Certified Administrator courses, but if you can’t make one of those, or you prefer to simply work online at your own pace, then an FCA Online course is available for a reasonable subscription* price! 

The FileWave Certified Administrator course:

  • Requires a subscription to the 201 level materials
  • Has homework assignments for each stage of the training that are reviewed and commented on by an actual human being (we still have those too!)
  • These assignments give an opportunity to ask for clarification or provide feedback
  • Includes up to 3 hours of one-on-one time with an instructor to review anything that may be causing you trouble
  • Provides access to the FileWave Certified Administrator exam (once requirements are met) for up to one year
  • Upon successful exam completion, a serialized FileWave Certified Administrator Certificate is automatically created

So whether you are interested in certification, or just learning a little more about FileWave, the Foundry has you covered!
You can find the FileWave Foundry at, and can login with the same single-sign-on credentials you use on
We hope you love the Foundry as much as we loved building it for you!

*Please contact your local sales representative for details on subscription pricing.