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Click on the New Client toolbar icon will bring up the Create New Client window. Clicking on Desktop clients will open the New Client From Server window, which is where computer clients will show up once the FileWave client on the device checks in with the designated FileWave server specified in the client settings. These settings were either manually entered when installing the client or specified when a custom client installer was produced using the FileWave Support webpage.

Column NameNotes
NameThe Client Name the computer is attempting to connect with (see Sync Computer Name)
AddressThe IP Address the client is connecting from, this may be it's internal address, or NAT if the computer is connecting from somewhere on the internet
PlatformThe OS of the client; macOS or Windows
Last ConnectThe last time the FileWave Client attempted to check-in with the server (Default of every 2min)

You will see one of three options:

  • New Client - Brand new device with a valid certificate
  • Invalid Certificate - The device either has no certificate (might be client older than 13.1), or the certificate is invalid or damaged on the client
  • Valid Certificate but a new Enrollment happened - The certificate is OK, but the clients identification has changed

All three status states can be approved by selecting then adding the client

You can select Clients and assign them to a Group, or leave them in the root Group. You can always place Clones of the Clients into any Groups you wish to administer them from.

You may also pre-assign Clients into a specific Group by checking the Automatically add all new clients to the selected Group checkbox. If you are going to be creating new Clients in waves, you can change this selection between each new batch of Clients.

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