Before the FileWave client reboots a computer, where the Fileset properties are set to reboot, a warning can be expected to 'Quit All Running Processes' with a list for the user to address.

Some processes do not respond to FileWave Clients requests to quit when "Quit all" or "Quit Application" is being used, because they are being immediately restarted by LaunchDaemon after quitting, or do not respond properly to the signals sent to them by FileWave.  This can result in users being blocked from installing FileSets with the "Reboot" Flag set. 


Although this warning is usual, there are instances where certain apps or processes can appear in the queue that are unexpected, for example:

As a service, this can show even though the user is not using Adobe Apps at the time.


Requirements to prevent this experience are:

A settings file may be configured to allow for certain apps.  Please see Client Kiosk Customization, for details regarding location of the settings file: 'settings.ini'

To exclude an unexpected process from being listed and preventing the reboot, first obtain the Bundle ID or process name of the listed App or Service.  

Obtain Bundle ID or Process Name

In this example, to exclude notepad you require: 'notepad.exe'

Configure 'settings.ini'

The 'settings.ini' file should be configured with the following format (Bundle IDs or processes being a comma separated list):


For the example of Adobe Desktop Service, it should read:


Combining this with current generic settings, it may look something like:

window_title="My Customized Kiosk"



Deploy the 'settings.ini' file as set out in the Client Kiosk Customization : 




C:\Program Files\FileWave\custom (might be "Program Files (x86)", depending on the platform)