Having your users accept a policy at the login window before they log in is easy.




Creating the text file

  1. Open a text editor

    Apple's TextEdit will work perfectly Located in: Macintosh HD → Applications →

  2. Add the information you'd like in the banner and save the file named


A sample rtfd is attached ( ).

Placing the text file into the fileset

  1. Download the sample fileset ( )
  2. Import the fileset into FileWave Admin
  3. Open the fileset and the



  4. Replace PolicyBanner.txt with your PolicyBanner.txt or PolicyBanner.rtf or PolicyBanner.rtfd

  5. Change the permissions/owner so a user can not edit the file.

Please Note: If you use the rtfd format
  • The file will show up as a folder, as it has to include the picture and text as two seperate files
  • URL or other Hyperlinks will not work when displayed at the login window
  • You will not be able to export the rtfd later due to it's folder format.



See For more information.