In some instances, the resolution of FileWave Observe Client may not be desirable.  This guide explains how to use Apple's built-in Screen Sharing App through FileWave.


The attached Fileset, enables Screen Sharing on the macOS computer and includes a Superpref to change the default port and managed remote setting.

If the device is configured to use Apple Remote Desktop 'Remote Management', this will over rule the Screen Sharing preferences and only the FileWave client preferences will need to be changed; activation script may be removed from the Fileset. In this instance, Authentication will be set by the configuration of Remote Management.


  1. Download the Fileset
  2. Drag the Fileset into your Admin console > Filesets
  3. Associate and Update Model
  4. Observe Client will now request Username and Password for an Admin account on the device.

FileWave Client Observation creates an encrypted tunnel through the server between Admin and device being controlled; a connection is created between application and tunnel, locally, on each device.  This change does not affect this.  As such there is no requirement for port 5900 to be open client side and devices offsite can continue to be controlled.