Starting from version 13.0, FileWave has a web-based administration console. By default, it is served on port 443. It's possible to change the port where it runs, and it's actually very simple.

Assuming you have FileWave already up and running on version 13+, you need to follow these steps:

  1. LINUX ONLY: Stop the server before doing any change. This is not required on macOS nor Windows.

    If you omit this step on Linux, the old port will still be kept open in the firewall until you close it manually or reboot the server.

  2. Open the folder where the Apache configuration is located:
  3. Copy "httpd_webadmin.conf.example" to "httpd_webadmin.conf".

    httpd_webadmin.conf.example is ignored by Apache and will be overwritten on the next server upgrade. On the other hand, httpd_webadmin.conf will be preserved across server upgrades.

  4. If you just want to serve the web console on port 443, you can omit this step. Otherwise:
    1. Open httpd_webadmin.conf in a text editor.
    2. Locate the following line:

      Define WEB_ADMIN_PORT 443

    3. Change the port number from 443 to whatever port you want to use such as 20440.

  5. Start/restart the server: