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MDM Lost Mode (Apple)

Starting with iOS 9.3, supervised devices were able to be set to "MDM Lost Mode." Missing devices can be locked, displaying a message, phone number, and footnote. FileWave 11.1+ integrated this new feature with the "Missing" state. Changing device state to "Missing" will automatically send the new commands. You can configure text that will be displayed on the device in the Organizational Info portion of FileWave Admin Preferences. These strings are optional; however, we recommend that you specify a phone number or message. FileWave will display "Lost device" on an iOS device that is set to missing if nothing is provided in the settings. Now will the release of iOS 10.3 and FileWave 12.0+ you have the option to "Play Lost Mode Sound" on your devices. After you have set your device to missing, simply right click the it and select "Play Lost Mode Sound (iOS 10.3+)" the only way to turn that off will then to take the device out of "Missing".