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Bulk Update the Enrollment User (auth_username) and Client Name using API


The api_UpdateiPadNameandAuthUser script is a tool that allows FileWave admins to update the names and assigned users of multiple Apple devices in bulk, using a CSV file containing the serial numbers, desired device names, and LDAP usernames of the devices. This can be particularly useful for education organizations but may also be useful for others who do mass re-distributions of devices like iPads.


If you need to quickly and easily reassign a large number of iPads to different users, the api_UpdateiPadNameandAuthUser script can save you time and effort. Instead of manually updating each device individually, you can simply prepare a CSV file with the necessary information and use the script to apply the changes to all of the devices at once. This can be especially useful when you need to set up a large number of new devices for use by different users or when you need to make changes to the assignments of existing devices.


To use the api_UpdateiPadNameandAuthUser script, you will need to follow the instructions in the README file that accompanies the script:

  1. Download the zip file that contains the script and the README.


  2. Edit the CSV file to contain a list of serial numbers, device names, and LDAP usernames for the devices you want to update.
  3. Open Terminal (on a Mac or Linux) and navigate to the directory that contains the script and CSV file.
  4. Make the script executable by running the command chmod +x ./
  5. Run the script using the command ./ SERVER TOKEN CSVFILE, replacing SERVER with the name of your FileWave server, TOKEN with your FileWave API token, and CSVFILE with the path to the CSV file you prepared in step 2.

The script's output will show you the progress of the updates and will indicate when the process is complete.