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Professional Services & Training

If you needseek assistanceexpert help with updating your contact information, obtaining information, quotes, or anything related to your FileWave account,account or need to onboard new staff, the CustomerProfessional ExperienceServices & Training (CX)PS&T) team is at your service. This team is led by MaryJosh ShoresLevitsky, isCISSP. availableIn addition to help.Josh, Tothe team includes Emma Ainsworth, Andrew Kloosterhuis, Sean Holden, and Rommel Navarro. With team members positioned across North America, the UK, and the Philippines, we provide global coverage.

For any assistance or inquiries, feel free to contact them,us at the following email, or you can sendeasily anschedule email.a They'llmeeting bewith moreJosh thanLevitsky happy to assist you! For Technical Support issues, please contact ourat Customerthis Technical Supportlink team..


AtOur certainprofessional organizations,services Customerand Successtraining (CS)offerings isinclude:

  • FileWave Certified Administrator training
  • Onboarding for new staff or training for existing staff
  • Custom FileSets or scripting
  • Health Checks / Architecture Reviews
  • FileWave Assist
  • General IT Consulting

We're always here to CXhelp with any Professional Services and fulfillsTraining the same purpose.questions.