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BitLocker Management for Windows 10 and 11


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Compliance Pack dedicated to managing and reporting on the BitLocker encryption status for Windows 10 and 11 devices using FileWave. BitLocker is an essential security feature that encrypts the entire disk to protect data from unauthorized access. Organizations need to ensure BitLocker is activated and properly configured to meet security standards and regulatory mandates. This Compliance Pack facilitates monitoring, reporting, and management of BitLocker on Windows 10 and 11 devices, aiding organizations in maintaining a secure operational landscape.


  • FW Admin

  • (Other tools, features, and applications that will be needed)

BitLocker Materials
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  1. Steps

The Compliance Pack contains:

  1. BitLocker Fileset:

    • Activation: Associate the Fileset with Windows clients to enable BitLocker.
    • Deactivation: Remove the association to disable BitLocker.
    • Customization: The script within the Fileset includes specific options that can be customized by administrators based on organizational needs.
  2. Custom Fields:

    • BitLocker Key: Displays the recovery keys for encrypted drives. For example, "C:, 219296-176121-018458-479017-019437-305833-463155-542608". After importing the Custom Field, choose to assign it to specific devices or all devices.
    • BitLocker Status: Presents the current encryption state, such as "Conversion Status: Used Space Only Encrypted".