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FileWave Version 14.6.3 (Unsupported)

These downloads are provided for the purposes of migrations and should not continue to be used in production. You should upgrade to either the most recent release or the one prior. 

macOS Installers DMG (md5: fd1fb1fbb9db90b03f842ae1f86ad99e)

macOS Upgrade Fileset (md5: ad43303473c2e4d0ef66bdb5f813b4bb)

macOS Admin (md5: c6c6fd90ade8c096818e0029d8657ad6)

macOS Booster (md5: a8f3a55dbc1458a8c6d57f374da705da)

macOS Server (md5: 4f4ba03ced9812fc9e394fbfb4ad8525)

macOS Client (md5: d6ef64be9ebaaf4eb39c4710fdafa3b9)


Windows Upgrade Fileset (md5: d7ee69a2d2304b34444e14763929a9e0)

Windows Admin (md5: 875491bb08ba86d67eb43c596473dd6d)

Windows Booster (md5: fb883cffd57f515fca9f7e28f494601f)

Windows Client (md5: 2c9c125ad22e31bb1463bbc0734c55a3)


This is a native app version of the traditional Web Clip kiosk/app portal that is sent to devices ; it provides for a better end user experience and is required for location information.

iOS 9+ : FileWave Enterprise.ipa (md5: 4c0c1a6a18c83c440482c49cf30ba346)
Static CDN URL :

       Portal 14.6.3.ipa


The FileWave Inventory extension for Chromebook has to be installed via the Google Admin Console for your domain. Please see Quickstart Guide for Chromebooks for detailed instructions

Skeleton for Chromebook white-boxing (md5: e08b8b34808a4a237269d7ed9fcd3eaa)


Linux Installers (md5: 97d3157ab60be819ce830ee90d9154a7)

Linux Server (md5: 91e0de462c9080accb8659ec9b681480)

Linux Booster (md5: 1d7bd7a2ecf95d8c7ca54f42d8e80768)

Note: Use the following command to download offline installers:



VMware and VirtualBox (OVA) Server Appliance (md5: b68347f34908723d232ea2429e7df595)

VMware and VirtualBox (OVA) Booster Appliance (md5: 491e44058a4d77ccc5960175634216a5)

VMware and VirtualBox (OVA) Imaging Appliance (md5: 0a432aa06735a8112c9e5b89d1b59053)


Hyper-V (VHD) Server Appliance (md5: e832a6c627df3a120c11b9160d83c2c6)

Hyper-V (VHD) Booster Appliance (md5: ca6ca79c3bcf39174c92c10f44864bd6)

Hyper-V (VHD) Imaging Appliance (md5: bb0b6842fc118b5b1bda846b2451ce5b)