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Discontinuing of Clever Integration

This is the FAQ for the email that was sent out to customers on October 29, 2021, about Clever integration being discontinued. Please check back here over time as our answers may evolve over time as we work with customers. 


Q: When will the Clever integration stop working?
A: On December 31, 2021 it will stop syncing and you will no longer see updates from Clever. 

Q: What if I do nothing?
A: On December 31, 2021, you will see Clever stop syncing. Existing associations between devices and people will be unaffected in your FileWave but future changes will not sync.

Q: I don’t use Engage or Apple Classroom associations through FileWave. What should I do?
A: If you open the Native Admin you can go to Preferences -> Education and switch your server from Clever to None. Then login to Clever and pick to Disconnect or book a meeting with us and we will disconnect it with you.

Q: What are my alternatives to Clever integration?
A: There are two. You can either work with ASM (recommended) or import CSV data.

Q: How would I connect my SIS to ASM?
A: See this Apple article: 

Q: What SIS are supported by ASM?
A: See this Apple article: 

Q: How do I setup ASM integration in FileWave?
A: See this FileWave article: and utilize the complimentary consulting time mentioned in the email you received.

Q: I have questions about ASM integration that I couldn’t answer after reading this and connecting with FileWave Pro Services.
A: If you do not know who your Apple account executive or system engineer is then call Apple's EDU support line (800-800-2775) to determine who they are. They will be best to help you with deep ASM questions.

Q: I’m already using ASM to sync to FileWave. Is there something I need to do?
A: Login to Clever and pick to Disconnect or book a meeting with us and we will disconnect it with you.

This was the original email sent to customers who have Clever integration enabled:

Good afternoon,
 If we haven’t spoken then I wanted to first introduce myself. I joined FileWave earlier this year to run Professional Services and Training. I wanted to reach out to you because you appear to be using Clever integration in FileWave to assign devices to students and teachers. Clever was originally only added to support Engage, but then started to be used by some customers to support Apple Classroom. In your case, you may be using it for that or you may have simply left it configured after Engage went away. 

Clever integration is something that we will be discontinuing at the end of this calendar year, but there is a free alternative that has similar functionality and we want to help you migrate to it. 

 To meet the need of creating relationships of devices to individuals I wanted to let you know about our Apple School Manager (ASM) integration. ASM is free to use with Apple and supports SIS integration. By December 31st, 2021 we would like to help you with making the switch from Clever over to either CSV imports or ASM integration. After that date, Clever will no longer sync changes to your FileWave server so we recommend working with us as soon as you are able to so that you are not rushed. 

 I have created the Calendly link below for you to create a meeting with a Professional Services engineer to discuss the process and the migration. There will be no cost to you for either this meeting or the complementary 2 hours of support with the same engineer to work through the migration process. I encourage you to setup a meeting as soon as possible after you have reviewed the FAQ below. The FAQ will help you understand what help you may or may not need in this process.