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Editing Filesets that have Revisions


Of course from time to time you want to edit your pre-existing filesets.  How does editing a fileset change if you have multiple revisions?


Assume again that we have a Firefox fileset that has two v79 and the other v80.  Assume that we want to change a file in the v80 fileset, or even change a file in both.  How do we know which fileset revision we are changing?


In both the fileset editor and the script editor you will now see a new drop down menu that allows you to identify which revision of the fileset you are working on.  See below, where we are looking at v79 in the fileset window, and v80 in the script editor:

Switching which fileset you are editing in either window is as simple as changing the value in the drop-down.  And, if you just want to do filesets the same way you always have, you can safely ignore that drop-down altogether.