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Fileset / Payload Script Exit Code Status

Script Exit Codes

When a script runs, one of the below errors may be the outcome. 

Status Value
Status Description
Status Details
220 Failed! (Will Not Retry) ERROR Script exited with a failure, do not automatically retry
210 Success (Skipped Install) ERROR Script exited successfully, report fileset as installed but skip actual installation 
0 Success OK Script exited successfully
-1000 Crashed ERROR Script crashed during execution
-1001 Time Out Exceeded ERROR Script execution time took longer than Get Info > Executable > 'Wait for executable to finish' > 'Wait for:'
-1002 No Logged In User ERROR Script could not run - no user currently logged in
-1003 Failed To Start ERROR Script could not run - failure to start the script

Expected behavior

Requirements scripts processing rules

  • If any of the requirements scripts returns 220, we stop executing scripts and also stop trying to install the fileset. No further action will be done, unless manually requested by an administrator, or unless a newer version of the fileset is available. The fileset status will be reported as "Requirements Not Met: Will Not Retry".
  • If any of the scripts returns non-zero and ≠210, we stop executing scripts. Requirement scripts will be executed again 2 minutes later.
  • If any of the scripts returns 210 when all other scripts return 0, the fileset status will be reported as "Skipped". The fileset will not be installed.
  • Only if all scripts return 0, then we will install the fileset.


If a requirements script returns 210 or 220, the fileset will not be available in Kiosk.

If the dependency of a fileset has a requirements script that returns 210, it will not affect the availability of the main fileset. However, if it returns 220, the dependencies will fail so the main fileset will not be available in Kiosk.


  • If the main fileset is at "Skipped" state, its dependencies will still be processed and installed.
  • If a dependency is at "Requirements Not Met: Will Not Retry", that does not propagate up the tree. This means the installation of the main fileset will still fail due to failed requirements, but the main fileset will simply be reported as Download/Activation/Update of dependency fileset failure.

Other scripts

Whenever a requirements script returns 210 or 220, the fileset does not get installed, so other types of scripts (preflight, activation, etc) will not be executed. Only in case the requirements scripts are run again and they change, then the fileset might get installed and in that case other types of scripts will get run as usual.


  • Filesets in "Skipped" status are reported to inventory, like if they were actually installed.
  • Filesets in "Requirements Not Met: Will Not Retry" status are not reported to inventory at all.