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Filewave Firewall Scripts for Windows


FileWave Installers by default leave Windows Firewall settings untouched. This article provides scripts that opens the Windows Firewall so the Windows processes can accept connections from the outside.


Use the attached .bat files to open the firewall for the respective executable at their standard install locations.
If you've installed a Filewave component to a nonstandard path, please adapt the path inside the .bat files.

FileWave Download.png

The Scripts allow both in- and outbound connections on all ports for the installed FileWave executables and follow the basic syntax :

Windows 10 and beyond:

ll firewall add rule name="FileWave Client" \
action=allow program="C:\Program Files\ (x86)\FileWave\fwcld.exe" \
enable=yes dir=in description="Filewave Client Inbound Access, usually only port 20010 is needed for client monitor connections"



Custom Fields

The following download contains two Custom Fields to report the firewall status of the FileWave Client, for example:


FileWave Download.png